www.apartmenttherapy.com - their house tours provide hours of entertainment for the interior addict

www.apartmenttherapy.com/ny/inspiration/happy-leif-erikson-day-098185 - the Scandinavian part

www.1stdibs.com/ -  objects of desire

 http://www.sklada.bg/ - great stuff in Bulgaria

www.livingetc.com/gallery - some more interior inspiration

www.garnetlondon.com  - bespoke leather bags from the talented fashion designer Maija Schultz

http://unhappyhipsters.com/ - to not take oneself too seriously

 www.zhernokluev.ru - our lovely friend Sasha is a genius painter

www.audiogold.co.uk - offers vintage audio systems and Ves loves the shop

http://style-files.com - the title says it all


www.ergstore.com/servlet/StoreFront - American industrial

www.collectibledetective.com/ - a great vintage directory

www.architonic.com - a catalogue of important design

www.axisweb.org/seCVWK.aspx - a link to the images of the delicate work of Vivien Blackett

www.idlebuyer.co.uk - independent websites directory




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